Parking for each venue
[Inje Speedium] Parking lot map

If the main gate parking lot is full, the parking attendant (or signboard) will guide you to the nearest parking lot available.
There is a free shuttle between each parking lot and the main gate. [Takes 5 minutes. Strollers allowed.]

인제스피디움 주차장
[Everland Speedway] Parking lot map

Visitors to Everland Speedway must park their vehicles in the Everland parking lot and take the shuttle to the venue.
If the main gate parking lot is full, the parking attendant (or signboard) will guide you to the nearest parking lot available.
There is a free shuttle between each parking lot and the main gate. Take the shuttle to the main gate and enter Everland Speedway on the other side. (It takes 5 minutes to the main gate on a shuttle. Strollers are allowed.)

에버랜드 스피드웨이 주차장
[Korea International Circuit] Parking lot map (a permanent course)

After entering Sangsulpadok, Yeongam Korea International Circuit,
Please park in the parking lot before walking in. (Enter Through Entrance Arches)

영암코리아(상설) 주차장



CADILLAC 6000 CLASS Asia’s Only Stock Car Race

Cadillac 6000 Class is a top class in the Superrace Championship. Since launched in 2008 as Asia’s only stock car race, top-class drivers from Korea and around the world have joined Cadillac 6000 Class, and it has gained more and more popularity every year. The stock car is a car manufactured only for racing purposes that has no convenience equipment inside but equipment only for driving and the driver’s safety. All teams’ stock cars in Cadillac 6000 Class are equipped with GM’s V8 6C200cc engine whose maximum horsepower is 436. The stock car’s cowl has a body designed based on Cadillac ATS-V with FRP and carbon applied as materials. Beginning from the 2017 season, all teams are required to use a 6-speed sequential transmission, instead of the traditional 5-speed manual transmission. Not only the engine and transmission but also suspension and the brake system should follow a one-make requirement. The UK’s Alcon system will be installed as the brake system while J5 suspension will be used. The minimum weight of the racing car is 1,190kg. As Cadillac 6000 Class has a handicap weight rule and assigns handicap weights of 70, 40 and 20kg depending on each game’s results to drivers who come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. The maximum handicap weight assigned to one driver is 150kg. If a driver assigned a handicap weight falls below the 4th place in a race, 20 to 70kg could be reduced. For tires, each team can freely choose among Hankook Tire, Kumho Tire, Yokohama Tire, Pirelli and so on.


    Cadillac 6000 Class stock cars are equipped with a cowl made based on Cadillac ATS-V. FRP and carbon, which are light and have a high level of rigidity, are applied to the stock car body. The roll cage is also manufactured with high-density carbon steel, which has extraordinary rigidity, and not only does it enhance the driver’s safety, but it is also designed in a way that minimizes car body twist occurring during the race.


    GM’s LS3-6.2L engine is mounted on stock cars in Cadillac 6000 Class. The maximum output is 436hp while the maximum torque is 428lbft (580Nm).
    The maximum engine revolutions per minute are 7,000rpm. The fuel tank contains up to 80 liters, and an auxiliary fuel tank whose capacity is limited up to 3 liters could be added. Superrace provides all the teams with engines of the same specifications.


    Stock cars in Cadillac 6000 Class use 6-speed sequential transmission and the racing clutch. Superrace develops and uses its own propeller and drive shafts.


    For stock cars in Cadillac 6000 Class, tires whose maximum tread is 290mm and maximum diameter is 710mm are used.
    The wheel size is 18 inches. Each team can freely choose its own tires. Up to 12 tires are assigned to each race. The brake system made by Alcon and J5 suspension are installed to stock cars.


    The fire suppression system manufactured by Racro has been applied to stock cars in Cadillac 6000 Class since the 2015 season.
    Its capacity is 4 liters. It could be turned on from inside and outside the racing car, and fire suppression agents are released from six designated locations such as the engine or the interior. Compared to the fire engine which uses ordinary water, this system shows much better performance in suppressing fire caused by oil.

ASA GT1-GT4 CLASS One of the Finest GT Races in Korea

"ASA GT Class is gaining the spotlight as an occasion where various racing cars compete with one another. Pursuant to the Balance of Performance (BoP) based on engine displacement and the power-to-weight ratio, ASA GT Class is divided into 4 Classes: GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4. The engine displacement of the racing car which could take part in GT1 Class should range from 1,400cc to 5,000cc regardless of the maker. The naturally aspirated or supercharged engine with 4 to 8 cylinders could be mounted. It is not allowed, however, to change the engine operation method or the volume inside cylinders. Racing cars in GT1 Class are required to install the air restrictor to balance performance.
The supercharged engine should be equipped with air restrictors of different sizes depending on the displacement (2,000cc or less, more than 2000cc to 3,000cc, more than 3,000cc to 4,000cc and more than 4,000cc) and the minimum weight. The maximum revolutions per minute should be 8,500rpm or less. For transmission, it is allowed to replace off-the-shelf components with other components and to use a sequential gearbox. Six forward gears and one reverse gear are allowed. The gear ratio could be determined at one’s discretion. Hankook Tire is designated as the 2017 ASA GT Class’s official tire. The wheel size should be 18 inches while the maximum rim width and offset could be determined freely (the table on the right shows the GT1 requirement). The GT2 engine requirement states that the engine should be less than 3,800cc and naturally aspirated. For GT3 Class, the engine is required to be less than 1,400cc and supercharged or more than 1,400cc up to 1600cc and supercharged. The GT4 engine is allowed to be less than 1,600cc and naturally aspirated."


    Turbo with 4 to 8 cylinders and 1,400cc to 5,000cc in displacement: Displacement×1.7


    The maximum of 8,500rpm or less


    1,065kg / 1,165kg / 1,265kg


    The sequential gearbox with up to 6 forward gears and 1 reverse gear is allowed


    One-make by Hankook Tire / Up to 18 inches


Gateway to professional race
Hyundai Avante One-make Race

BMW M CLASS The world’s only BMW M One-make Race

BMW M Class is a newly established class for the 2018 SuperRace Championship. It is an Semi-Pro class with the participation of drivers having at least a B-class license in Korea by Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA), featuring M4 (F82) Coupe among BMW’s high-performance sports car lineup M models. It is also the world’s first and only one-make race by BMW. M4 has an inline-six 3.0L TwinPower Turbo engine with a maximum output of 450 horsepower. It limited performance tuning in order to sustain the performance of M4 as much as possible. Official safety equipment is required such as roll cage, bucket seat, fire extinguisher and drawbar hook. Also, the data logging system will be loaded on all vehicles to improve the driving skills of participants and fairness of the competition.


    The M4 model participating in BMW M Class focused on lowering the weight using carbon fiber and aluminum. It applied aluminum to the hood, axles and side panels, and used CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Plastic) on strut braces, roofs and rear spoilers to reduce the overall weight of the car. The empty vehicle weight for release (European standard) is 1,635kg, but it was remodeled to be much lighter for the race.


    The M4 model for BMW M Class has a 3.0L inline-six M TwinPower Turbo engine. The M TwinPower Turbo engine displays a maximum output of 450hp and maximum torque of 61.1kg.m (600Nm). It takes 4.1 seconds to reach 100km/h from a stationary state.


    BMW M4 has 7-gear M dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with DriveLogic. In addition to automatic gear shift, stick shift is also possible using the shift paddle on the steering wheel.


    A maximum of 6 tires can be used for the preliminaries and finals of each round. The UHP (Ultra High Performance) Radial Tires must be used, and the wheel size is 19 inches. The brakes are embedded with the original parts of the M4 model, applying brake pads for the track.


    To tune your car for the competition, you must follow the technical guidelines provided by the SOC. Roll cages, brake pads, seatbelts, bucket seats, safety window nets, and brake hoses are included. The data logging system will be loaded on all vehicles to improve the driving skills of participants and fairness of the competition. All parts must be original aside from the safety equipment or permitted tuning parts prescribed by the SOC.


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Price Information of Promotion Booth at Superrace Venue
Normal type booth 1 booth 2 booths
1ROUND 3,000,000 5,000,000
SEASON 15,000,000 25,000,000

* Booths for sales purposes should be discussed separately.

Select quantity and subsidiary facilities
Basic Exhibition tent Yurt KRW 3,000,000 5m*5m (provide tent and extra space) / electricity included
Electricity (220V) 3Kw Basic supply (3Kw)
Option Control box 1 1,000,000 (15Kw) / excluded main line cost in the vevue
Table 1 30,000 Folding table (1.8m*0.75m), table cloth included
Chair 1 10,000 Folding chair (black)
Select quantity and subsidiary facilities
  • 01. Application period You can file an application 20 days before the final race.
  • 02. Application method form and send an email at
  • 03. Application procedure File an application (1 copy of the application form / 1 copy of Business Registration Certificate) and pay participation fees (within the application period).
  • 04. Bank account to send participation fees Woori Bank 1005-992-001111, account holder: Superrace, contact us at 02-6740-7861 when you request a tax bill.
  • 05. Termination Follow the refund procedure pursuant to booth terms and conditions. (See promotional booth terms and conditions.)
Article 1 (Definition of Terms)
1. The Participant(s) shall include relevant organizations and companies who have submitted booth application form to apply for space in the CJ Superrace promotion.

Article 2 (Application for Participation)
1. All applications for participation shall be made on the application form provided by the Organizer and submitted to the Organizer.
2. The contract shall be established when the Participant submits the application form and pays participation fee to the Organizer. Provided, that the Organizer may refuse the acceptance of an application in the event that sufficient space is unavailable or the exhibit is deemed not pertinent to the exhibition.

Article 3 (Allocation of Exhibit Booth)
1. The Organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the order of number of participation, application, size of the space applied for, use of the booth exhibits or in the reasonable manner.
2. The Organizer may request to change the location and/or the size of the space allocated to the Participant at any time prior to the commencement of the build-up of the exhibition, in the event of exceptional circumstances. Such changes are at the Organizer's discretion, and the Participant shall not request compensation for results of the changes.

Article 4 (Use of Exhibit Booth)
1. The Participant shall exhibit the products and dispatch staff person(s) announced in the application form to exert his/her best efforts in operating the booth.
2. In the event that the Participant violates regulations by exhibiting products which are not announced in the application form or not related to the theme of the exhibition, or selling products directly without permission of the Organizer, the Organizer shall stop the Participant's activities, order dismantling of the booth or remove his/her exhibits. In the case stated above, the participation fee shall not be refunded and the Participant has no right to claim for compensation.
3. The Organizer may refuse admission of any person if it is deemed necessary.
4. The Participant shall not sublet all or part of allotted space without prior written consent of the Organizer.
5. Any modification of decoration such as the floor, ceiling, wall, etc. shall not be permitted to the exhibition hall, and the Participant is liable to compensate damages to the Organizer whether in restoring it to the original state or otherwise.

Article 5 (Terms of Payment)
1. The Participant shall pay for all fees two (2) weeks prior to the CJ Superrace. Provided, that in case of seasonal contract, the Participant may change payment period after consultation with the Organizer.
2. In the event that the Participant have not remitted intermediate payment or balance, the Organizer may cancel the Terms of Participation and the Participant has no right to claim refund of paid participation fees.

Article 6 (Cancellation)
1. In case the Participant requests cancellation of all or part of the booth, the following refund regulation is applied. The Opening Date refers to the opening date of each final round.
  - 14 days before the opening date: 100% refund
  - 13 days before the opening date ~ opening date: No refund
2. In case of the cancellation or disclamation during the CJ Superrace, paid participant fee will belong to the Organizer.

Article 7 (Construction of Exhibit Booth)
The Participant shall complete construction, delivery and display of exhibits in allotted space during designated period (until 17:00 of one day prior to the Opening Date).

Article 8 (Removal of Exhibit Booth)
The Participant shall remove all exhibits and installations during designated period (after 18:00 of the Opening Date). In the event of any delay, the Participant shall pay all costs for the removal to the Organizer without further delay.

Article 9 (Supplementary Clauses)
1. The Organizer may issue supplementary regulations if deemed necessary.
2. Any supplementary regulation shall form part of the Terms of Participation, and the Participant shall abide by the Terms of Participation.

Article 10 (Arbitration of Disputes)
Any dispute may arise hereafter between the Organizer and the Participant pursuant to construction of the Terms of Participation shall be settled in accordance with the arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and both parties shall not institute a lawsuit against the arbitration.

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