Parking for each venue
[Inje Speedium] Parking lot map

If the main gate parking lot is full, the parking attendant (or signboard) will guide you to the nearest parking lot available.
There is a free shuttle between each parking lot and the main gate. [Takes 5 minutes. Strollers allowed.]

인제스피디움 주차장
[Everland Speedway] Parking lot map

Visitors to Everland Speedway must park their vehicles in the Everland parking lot and take the shuttle to the venue.
If the main gate parking lot is full, the parking attendant (or signboard) will guide you to the nearest parking lot available.
There is a free shuttle between each parking lot and the main gate. Take the shuttle to the main gate and enter Everland Speedway on the other side. (It takes 5 minutes to the main gate on a shuttle. Strollers are allowed.)

에버랜드 스피드웨이 주차장
[Korea International Circuit] Parking lot map (a permanent course)

After entering Sangsulpadok, Yeongam Korea International Circuit,
Please park in the parking lot before walking in. (Enter Through Entrance Arches)

영암코리아(상설) 주차장


CJ 대한통운 SUPERRACE 로고 The Superrace Championship is a motorsport event that represents Korea and an international series certified by Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

The 2017 CJ LOGISTICS Superrace Championship consists of Cadillac 6000, ASA GT and Hyundai Avante Cup Classes. Celebrity drivers such as Ryu Si-won, Kim Jin-pyo, Ahn Jae-mo, Han Min-gwan and Lee Hwa-seon as well as F1 and Super GT professional racing drivers will race in the championship.

Cadillac 6000 Class, a top class in the Superrace Championship and the only stock car race in Asia, is a thrilling race featuring stock cars with the V8 6,200cc engine driving up to 300km/h and gaining huge popularity among fans at home and abroad.

In 2016, we held a race once again in 8 years in Everland Speedway, Korea’ only racing circuit in the Seoul metropolitan area, marking an important milestone in popularizing motorsports.
A total of 8 rounds were held in 5 circuits in Korea, China and Japan. All the races were broadcast live and their vivid racing stories were told via a magazine program.

In 2017, we will host Hyundai Avante Cup Class in Korea Speed Festival sponsored by Hyundai Motors and further cement our standing as Korea’s finest motorsport championship. Living up to our reputations as an Asian championship, we will host famous overseas support races. Round 7 will be held exclusively in the Shanghai International Circuit. The Superrace Championship is taking the lead in spreading motortainment (motor + entertainment) culture full of thrills from watching motorsports in person and joys from various events and aiming to become a leading Asian motorsport championship, a festival enjoyed by everyone—old and young, men and women.



Formally certified as the FIA International Series

Held a race again in 8 years at Everland Speedway in Yongin


Hosted a Korea-China-Japan motorsport festival for the first time in Asia


Hosted a championship at 5 circuits in Korea, China and Japan


Held a night race for the first time in Korea


Introduced Asia’s only 6,200cc engine stock car race


Adopted the Superrace Championship as the official title


  • Grid Walk & Pit Walk

    An event where people could see racing cars, drivers and models up close

  • Taxi Time & Go, Bus

    An event where people enjoy a ride in a racing car or bus with professional drivers around the circuit racetrack

  • Together with Racers!

    Racers’ autograph signings for fans / photo opportunity / racers’ talk show

  • Together with Racing Models!

    Air blow guns & rally towels given away as gifts / photo opportunity with popular racing models

  • Star Your Engine Performance

    An engine start performance that announces the beginning of each game

  • Display of Cars (Supercars and Tuned Cars)

    Luxury supercars worth more than hundreds of thousands of dollars are displayed, and a popularity vote for the best car among various displayed tuned cars

Superrace Corp.
CJ CheilJedang Center (4th Floor). 330, Dongho-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
President: Dongbin. Kim Customer Care Center : 82-2-726-8973 Corporate Registration Number : 212-81-74953
Online Marketing Business Registration Number: 2016-Jung-gu, Seoul, No.1140 Personal Information Management: Yujeong, Ko

© 2017. Superrace. all right reserved.

Advertisement & Partnership (Others)
  • Car ad
  • Driver ad
  • Circuit ad (in the main grid)
  • Circuit ad (on the track banner)
  • Promotional booth
  • Racing model branding
  • Stand ad
  • Program book ad
Advertisement & Partnership (Others) Contact

Seungjoon, Lee, Manager of Affiliate Business Division

Hyunjin, Han, Staff of Affiliate Business Division

Price Information of Promotion Booth at Superrace Venue
Normal type booth 1 booth 2 booths
1ROUND 3,000,000 5,000,000
SEASON 15,000,000 25,000,000

* Booths for sales purposes should be discussed separately.

Select quantity and subsidiary facilities
Basic Exhibition tent Yurt KRW 3,000,000 5m*5m (provide tent and extra space) / electricity included
Electricity (220V) 3Kw Basic supply (3Kw)
Option Control box 1 1,000,000 (15Kw) / excluded main line cost in the vevue
Table 1 30,000 Folding table (1.8m*0.75m), table cloth included
Chair 1 10,000 Folding chair (black)
Select quantity and subsidiary facilities
  • 01. Application period You can file an application 20 days before the final race.
  • 02. Application method form and send an email at
  • 03. Application procedure File an application (1 copy of the application form / 1 copy of Business Registration Certificate) and pay participation fees (within the application period).
  • 04. Bank account to send participation fees Woori Bank 1005-992-001111, account holder: Superrace, contact us at 02-6740-7861 when you request a tax bill.
  • 05. Termination Follow the refund procedure pursuant to booth terms and conditions. (See promotional booth terms and conditions.)
Article 1 (Definition of Terms)
1. The Participant(s) shall include relevant organizations and companies who have submitted booth application form to apply for space in the CJ Superrace promotion.

Article 2 (Application for Participation)
1. All applications for participation shall be made on the application form provided by the Organizer and submitted to the Organizer.
2. The contract shall be established when the Participant submits the application form and pays participation fee to the Organizer. Provided, that the Organizer may refuse the acceptance of an application in the event that sufficient space is unavailable or the exhibit is deemed not pertinent to the exhibition.

Article 3 (Allocation of Exhibit Booth)
1. The Organizer shall allocate the space in accordance with the order of number of participation, application, size of the space applied for, use of the booth exhibits or in the reasonable manner.
2. The Organizer may request to change the location and/or the size of the space allocated to the Participant at any time prior to the commencement of the build-up of the exhibition, in the event of exceptional circumstances. Such changes are at the Organizer's discretion, and the Participant shall not request compensation for results of the changes.

Article 4 (Use of Exhibit Booth)
1. The Participant shall exhibit the products and dispatch staff person(s) announced in the application form to exert his/her best efforts in operating the booth.
2. In the event that the Participant violates regulations by exhibiting products which are not announced in the application form or not related to the theme of the exhibition, or selling products directly without permission of the Organizer, the Organizer shall stop the Participant's activities, order dismantling of the booth or remove his/her exhibits. In the case stated above, the participation fee shall not be refunded and the Participant has no right to claim for compensation.
3. The Organizer may refuse admission of any person if it is deemed necessary.
4. The Participant shall not sublet all or part of allotted space without prior written consent of the Organizer.
5. Any modification of decoration such as the floor, ceiling, wall, etc. shall not be permitted to the exhibition hall, and the Participant is liable to compensate damages to the Organizer whether in restoring it to the original state or otherwise.

Article 5 (Terms of Payment)
1. The Participant shall pay for all fees two (2) weeks prior to the CJ Superrace. Provided, that in case of seasonal contract, the Participant may change payment period after consultation with the Organizer.
2. In the event that the Participant have not remitted intermediate payment or balance, the Organizer may cancel the Terms of Participation and the Participant has no right to claim refund of paid participation fees.

Article 6 (Cancellation)
1. In case the Participant requests cancellation of all or part of the booth, the following refund regulation is applied. The Opening Date refers to the opening date of each final round.
  - 14 days before the opening date: 100% refund
  - 13 days before the opening date ~ opening date: No refund
2. In case of the cancellation or disclamation during the CJ Superrace, paid participant fee will belong to the Organizer.

Article 7 (Construction of Exhibit Booth)
The Participant shall complete construction, delivery and display of exhibits in allotted space during designated period (until 17:00 of one day prior to the Opening Date).

Article 8 (Removal of Exhibit Booth)
The Participant shall remove all exhibits and installations during designated period (after 18:00 of the Opening Date). In the event of any delay, the Participant shall pay all costs for the removal to the Organizer without further delay.

Article 9 (Supplementary Clauses)
1. The Organizer may issue supplementary regulations if deemed necessary.
2. Any supplementary regulation shall form part of the Terms of Participation, and the Participant shall abide by the Terms of Participation.

Article 10 (Arbitration of Disputes)
Any dispute may arise hereafter between the Organizer and the Participant pursuant to construction of the Terms of Participation shall be settled in accordance with the arbitration of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, and both parties shall not institute a lawsuit against the arbitration.

CJ Superrace